I spent 10 years as a sculptor of stone, hardwoods and clay early in my artistic

career. Then I discovered silk, or silk discovered me, and Silks by Diane was

born….20 years ago.

I love working with silk, and I love working with people, so I am lucky I get to help

people refine and define their spirituality and then find the right shapes and

colors to capture elements of their relationship to Judaism.

A lengthy stint as a print production manager at an advertising firm heightened

my innate attention to detail and sense of color. But what I feel best about is that

I create every piece with care and love. I get to work on things that are

meaningful to my clients, and that adds meaning to my life.



About Me

Artist Statement

Art extends 
the flow of life.


My goal: to be visionary 
not of future 
but present.


The Torah and its stories 
our stories and dreams 
color that makes you say My God.


It’s what I do 
I have to do it 
I want to do it.


Prayer plants the seed 
of silk; 
I hear images.


Language and music 
find form and color. 
The prayer is fluid; 
silks send the message 
just like sound. 
The colors find their own harmony; 
I’m the change.


My delight: 
where before nothing. 
But there was something: 
just in senseless form: 
an idea 
a spark 
the desire.


Commissions are a conversation 
I get to translate. 
Helping a person 
express her spirituality 
is an honor; 
wrapping her 
in love and light 
as she prays 
is a gift 
  as much to me as to her.

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